Mana Māori - Māori succeeding as Māori . Tai Wānanga will commit to aligning with the aspirations of Māori.

Te Aō Māori - Competence in Te Aō Māori is expected and will be evident in all aspects of Tai Wānanga.

Kia Māori – Proud to be Māori

  • Proud of their identity and who they represent

  • Culturally strong and confident to engage in kaupapa Māori

  • Understands the significance of one's whakapapa, heritage and culture

Photography credits:

Nopera Watene

Emma Hunt

Below is the 2017 Regionals Performance


Above: 2016 Kapa Haka Nationals. Below: Images of the 2017 Regionals                      © Tai Wānanga 2017 

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